mal¬†(scores to be updated soon) – i’m in the process of switching away from mal to kitsu, you can my profile on that site here

curiouscat (ask me questions here)

age – 23

region – michigan / great lakes (est)

uni – university of michigan 2015 (civil engineering)

other info and an introduction soon. there’s a decently amusing story about how i first got into anime that i’ll write here eventually along with some other thoughts, so check back every so often

also disclaimer my writing¬†can be SUPER rough at times and also i’m quite new to this so please be kind



characters – akemi homura, hanekawa tsubasa, kisaragi chihaya, saten ruiko / uiharu kazari (tie)

guys – uh.. he’s pretty far down my favorite characters list but emiya kiritsugu i guess

shows – puella magi madoka magica, monogatari (bake, owari, neko:white), hyouka, shirobako, nichijou (long post on top 10/20 coming eventually)

others – i guess if there’s something that would be good as an additional category that people would appreciate me listing here let me know, doesn’t have to be a list of favorites of course