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curiouscat (ask me questions here)

age – 24

region – michigan / great lakes (est)

uni – university of michigan 2015 (civil engineering)


hello! i’m zubat and i like things. being able to get excited about things i like and then express that passion is something that brings me a lot of joy, and i hope to use this blog space to share that in whatever form it may take. sometimes i may choose to share my thoughts on an episode of anime as i watch it; other times i might put a video together based on some crazy idea in my head; still other times i’ll draw something abstract that expresses an emotion more visually than verbally; and even after all of that sometimes i just like sharing what i’ve been doing lately. the dream is that this grove (and its twitter archive here) will be a place where i can collect all of those things together as a full portrait of my various passions, and i hope anyone who visits joins me on this adventure of joy and of heart and of love.

(also disclaimer my writing and esp my drawing¬†can be SUPER rough at times and also i’m doing some new stuff with this relaunch project so please be kind)


things i love a lot

love live characters – toujou nozomi, ayase eli, nishikino maki, yazawa nico

love live seiyuu – nanjo, kussun

love live sunshine characters – takami chika, matsuura kanan, kurosawa ruby, tsushima yoshiko (but really all of aqours)

love live sunshine seiyuu – king, anchan, aikyan (but really all of them)

characters from other shows – akemi homura, shimamura uzuki, hanekawa tsubasa, kisaragi chihaya, saten ruiko, uiharu kazari, amami haruka, kanzaki ranko

shows – puella magi madoka magica, love live sunshine, monogatari (favorite arcs- hitagi crab, sodachi riddle/lost, tsubasa tiger), hyouka, shirobako, deremas s2

movies – your name., the shape of voice, girls und panzer der film

others – i guess if there’s something that would be good as an additional category that people would appreciate me listing here let me know