Zubat’s Top Anime of 2016

This post may be two months late has been in the works for the past two months, and now it’s finally time to share it with you all! Please remember that these are all my personal opinions, and that it’s perfectly ok to disagree with my ranking decisions or omissions – I watched well over 50 airing shows last year and there were many great shows I had to leave off of my list. I’ll keep this rest of this introduction short and save the words for my thoughts below – please enjoy my list of personal favorites from this past year of anime! Continue reading “Zubat’s Top Anime of 2016”

Series Review: Magical Girl Raising Project – Half-Step

Some spoilers for plot developments and character backstories in Magical Girl Raising Project; no character deaths are spoiled in this post.

“What is this show trying to accomplish?” This question is one of my key guidelines for determining my thoughts on the themes or structures of a show. It’s something I’ve reflected on in passing in other writeups – my thoughts on The iDOLM@STER and its spinoff Cinderella Girls were focused on how each show goes in its own direction; and New Game clearly hit it out of the park for me in crafting a combined workplace comedy and heartfelt new hire-SoL. It’s understandable that not every show would be able to achieve what it sets out to do, and in some cases shows may not even have a larger thematic goal to strive for in the first place. But occasionally, there’s the conflicting show that sets a strong foundation towards what it’s trying to accomplish, but doesn’t quite fully commit to achieving that objective.

Enter Magical Girl Raising Project, a Fall 2016 light novel adaption with a basic premise of “mahou shoujo fantasy meets battle royale thriller”. Its large cast features an incredibly broad range of character designs and personalities, perfect for either a high-octane battle to the death or an ideological clash between members of its diverse cast. MGRP takes steps down both of these possible paths, but puzzlingly never commits to fully exploring either possible direction. It’s a decision that would allow either choice to feel natural in any future season, but leaves the series as a relative unknown in the present.

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