Love Live! Sunshine!! Episode 1 (Test 1)

FUNI KNOWS — コワレヤズバット(リチャージしている) (@PuellaMagiZubat) March 6, 2017 yeah I tried doing the "don't get too hyped up" thing and it wasn't really working so i'm embracing the hype more instead, episode 1 go! — コワレヤズバット(リチャージしている) (@PuellaMagiZubat) March 6, 2017 (side note funi has somehow made me prefer hard subs to their new […]

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r/anime Awards – Writeups

Note: these are all very rough writeups that were intended as a jumping off point for our awards discussions – as such, take what I’ve written here with a grain of salt. I’ve also included the two chracter writeups I did for the final awards post; those paragraphs are intended as an overall representation of […]

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A Necessary Sacrifice

Context: This up until now is the only post I’ve ever completed – it was adapted from a response I wrote to a friend about Mami and her role in Madoka Magica and as such is extremely rough even after I polished it before posting here. A lot of the thoughts I write about are […]

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