r/anime Awards – Writeups

Note: these are all very rough writeups that were intended as a jumping off point for our awards discussions – as such, take what I’ve written here with a grain of salt. I’ve also included the two chracter writeups I did for the final awards post; those paragraphs are intended as an overall representation of the jury but are somewhat based on my own thoughts on each character as well.

These writeups are also written as a comparison/ranking of all the nominees, and as a result I’m a lot harsher on lower-ranked shows/characters than I might otherwise be, particularly for the Drama category where I very much enjoyed every show nominated.

SPOILERS FOR EVERY SHOW / CHARACTER LISTED BELOW. Turn back now if you don’t want spoilers on the following shows: Euphonium 2, Rakugo, Planetarian, Kiznaiver, Fune wo Amu, Erased, Re:Zero, Flip Flappers, Mob Psycho 100, and Amanchu! Continue reading “r/anime Awards – Writeups”

A Necessary Sacrifice

Context: This up until now is the only post I’ve ever completed – it was adapted from a response I wrote to a friend about Mami and her role in Madoka Magica and as such is extremely rough even after I polished it before posting here. A lot of the thoughts I write about are my own, but I feel like I’m super scattered with my thoughts across the post (even more than normal) and more worryingly draws on thoughts that I personally came more from others than myself, even if they’re just common notes that would be relevant across a wide range of topics. As such, while I’m glad I wrote this, it wasn’t really ever intended for more than a couple people, so keep that in mind as you read through this.

also WARNING spoilers for all of Madoka Magica after the jump

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